About Us

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) is an autonomous health science university established in the year 1993. With more than 25 years of running different health related courses ranging from medicine, dentistry, nursing, health technicians and courses of different levels, ranging from intermediate to post-doctoral level, BPKIHS is now an alma mater to more than 5000 graduates. More than 300 graduates are added to this number each year. These alumni of BPKIHS are now spread across the globe. Some seniors have already achieved a respectable status in their fields, some are working in many decision making levels of the country, while the junior alumni are still searching for opportunity and guidance for their future.

BPKIHS Alumni Association (BAA) was established in 2017 with the hope to bring all the alumni under one umbrella, so that we can still feel the belongingness among each other. We believe our senior alumni can be a guiding light to our new alumni, the motivation and inspiration they are searching for. Together, we have a very strong potential to achieve anything, be it in academics, leadership, or philanthropic activities. BAA can be the connecting thread among all of the BPKIHS alumni and also to BPKIHS itself so that we get an opportunity to give something back to our alma mater.

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